Graduate Courses and Workshops

Past Educational Opportunities/Offerings

Successful Inquiry-Based Discussions: Exploration and Practice (1 s.h.)  RLL585AT

Providing students with inquiry-based discussions that develop their critical thinking skills, and instill a love of reading, and allow for sustained practice of good oral communication skills is an ongoing process of discovery for even the most seasoned leaders. In this 1 s.h. workshop (14 contact hours), participants will explore four proven discussion methods, implement specific discussion techniques, and ultimately draw upon the various elements of these methods to construct an inquiry-based discussion model for use with their own students. Grade level focus: Grades 2-8.


Picture Books for Interpretive Discussion (1 s.h.)   RLL585AU

Picture books, increasingly popular with even the most sophisticated readers, offer rich and rewarding opportunities for interpretive discussion. In this workshop (14 contact hours), participants will acquire the skills to evaluate the merits of a wide range of picture books for use with K-4 students for inquiry-based discussion. Participants will learn and practice a variety of approaches in using picture books to develop critical thinking skills, and return to the classroom with ideas of picture books—and prepared discussion materials—for use in their own curricula.


Creating Curriculum Units for Interpretive Reading, Writing, and Discussion (2 s.h.)   RLL585AR

One of the great strengths of Junior Great Books and other inquiry-based reading programs is that teachers are provided with a full complement of interpretive reading, writing, and discussion activities for each of the selections included in a given program. In this workshop (28 contact hours), participants will learn how to create their own JGB-style interpretive activities, and in the process expand and refine their personal repertoire of critical reading and questioning skills. Grade level focus: 2-8, but strategies can also be used for at-risk students at higher levels.


Creating Children’s Picture Books (2 s.h.)    RLL585AS

Have you always wanted to create a picture book? Come explore this fascinating art form in a hands-on workshop. In this workshop (28 contact hours), participants will create a picture book dummy using their own unique blend of story creation, illustration, and book design. Participants will learn how to transform the written word into visual poetry, using cut-paper collage, watercolor, and pen and ink, as well as how to bring these activities back to their own classrooms to enrich their students’ explorations in creative writing and art.