Newspaper Hats

Newspaper Hats (Phil Cummings and Owen Swan)


ISBN-10: 1580897835

ISBN-13: 978-1580897839

Most of us take remembering for granted.  We rush and bustle through our lives, pulling numbers and directions, faces and names out of our big brains whenever we choose or need.

But what happens when those we love the most don't remember US?  And how do we explain this to children?

"Newspaper Hats" explores these questions through the eyes and heart of Georgie, who knows that her Grandpa remembers many things--but not always her.

As Georgie struggles to follow her Grandpa's meandering past memories, she suddenly has a memory of her own, and follows it towards a way to connect with her Grandpa when words just aren't enough.


Author Phil Cummings and  Illustrator Owen Swan wrap the challenges and heartbreak of memory loss inside a gentle story aimed at offering hope and healing as Georgie learns that love is stronger than memory.  

"Newspaper Hats" shows us that sometimes the most gentle and quiet stories can also be the most powerful.  


by Christina Moorehead