Bring Me A Rock!

Bring Me A Rock! (Daniel Miyares)

Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers

ISBN 978-1-4814-4602-0!/Daniel-Miyares/9781481446020!/Daniel-Miyares/9781481446020

Today you have the exquisite honor of a solo Bookyak by Christina wherein I won't so much yak  as I will give you a teeny taste of a delicious book.

Today's delicious book is "Bring Me A Rock!" by Daniel Miyares.  Miyares wastes no time in introducing us to the self-absorbed grasshopper king. 

The grasshopper king, in the finest tradition of Dr. Seuss' "Yertle the Turtle" and his tower of turtle minions, bellows out demands for his fellow insects to bring and stack only the biggest rocks in order to create a majestic throne.  

And then the smallest bug shows up carrying, of course, the smallest rock.  Well!  What do you think the grasshopper king had to say to that?   

Oh no.  I'm not going to tell you...remember, this is just  a taste.  Not the whole meal!  I heartily encourage you to speed over to your nearest library or bookshop to snap up this splendid offering by Daniel Miyares that offers a chuckle-worthy twist  on a well known tale.  For teachers, librarians and parents,  the crisp, vivid illustrations and perfectly matched text practically beg to be enhanced and explored via writing, art, science and outdoor exploration.



by Christina Moorehead