Edi Campbell's Spotlight: The ALA Youth Media Awards

Among the many, many incredible educators, librarians, literacy experts, passionate writers, inspiring illustrators (the list goes on) whom we at the CTTCB are lucky enough to call colleague and friend is Edi Campbell.

Edi’s many resonant roles include librarian, educator and social justice advocate. She has lent her expertise, passion and voice to our previous institute “Indivisible 10 Years Later: Conversations in Social Justice”, and continues to be someone we turn to for truth, and inspiration.

In Edi’s most recent blog post she celebrates the winners of the recent ALA Youth Media Awards. But more than this, she celebrates all the creators, regardless of awards won, who pour their imaginations and hearts into the words that guide our youth towards a more inclusive future.

We encourage you to take a moment to follow Edi as she introduces the most recent African/African American, Asian American and Latinx award winners. But don’t stop at this one blogpost! Edi’s blog contains a wealth of teaching resources, book lists, and author suggestions.

Our congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and our deepest thanks and admiration to Edi.

Click on the picture to read Edi’s post!

Click on the picture to read Edi’s post!

AICL's Best Books of 2018

To start our Bests, Musts and Mosts, we turn to the American Indians in Children’s Literature blog for their 2018 list of incredible titles that includes books for children, middle grades, young adult/high school and graphic novels, and specifying those books written or illustrated by native authors and by non-native authors.

AICL regularly adds to their lists as the number of books by native authors and illustrators grows. We encourage you to take the time to also look at booklists from previous years, and while you’re there, take time to explore AICL’s many powerful essays, opinion pieces, resources and information.

Our thanks to Debbie Reese and her colleagues for their tireless work and dedication to raising native voices for all to hear.

Click on image to learn more!

Click on image to learn more!

Bests, Musts and Mosts?

One of the most wonderful feelings is stumbling across a book that you’ve never heard about before. The tastiest way to find an exciting new book is, of course, in a library or bookstore. However for most of us our new book discoveries happen through the internet.

Whether your book discovery happens in a bookstore, a library or online, nothing beats that glorious sense of anticipation. That itch to have the book in your hands, to open the cover for the first time.

As educators, librarians, parents, creators and others committed to children’s and young adult literature, our excitement is not always for us, but for the young people in our lives. We yearn to place irresistible, powerful new books in their hands and hearts.

The purpose of this new spot on the CTTCB website is to share booklists and individual titles of books you may not know exist. These may be new books, or books that have rested quietly in the shadows and are now coming back into focus.

It is our hope that our suggestions help you find unexpected inspiration and joy between the pages of a newly discovered book.